What Is Your Story?

I’ve been doing creative things off and on (mostly on a volunteer basis) for nearly 20 years, but Radio Plus is my first full-time media job. Sport is my love and I’ve covered ice hockey all over the world (including going to the venues for the 2018 Winter Olympics for the 2017 World Championships), as well as writing about football and hockey, too.

I’m a born-and-bred Coventry boy, I grew up in Styvechale and spent my youth on the terraces of Highfield Road with the Sky Blues and that pride in being from here has never left me (I proudly call it a “batch” not a “roll” of course). I’ve been at Radio Plus since 2019, when I started as an apprentice, and I’ve presented every show and slot going, including founding the Rock Show along with Amy. I currently present the weekday afternoon show on Radio Plus along with the Saturday Sports show along with our live coverage of Coventry United Ladies, and whenever needed I’ll jump back in on my true musical passion, the Rock Show, on Sunday nights, too!

What Genre of Music do you Love to Listen To?

Anyone who’s seen me will be able to tell my favourite music is rock and metal. But I also enjoy a lot of the music we play during the daytime, too – for example if you listen to the “New Favourite Songs” feature on the afternoon show it’ll feature anyone from Tate McRae to Taylor Swift to Fontaines DC to…well, anything. That’s what I love about working in radio – you can hear so much music it’s impossible not to broaden your horizons!

What do you enjoy most about working in Radio?

As someone who’s autistic I’ve often found it hard to fit in with “normal” because I like the freedom to create something that has an effect on people and work to my own rhythm. Radio allows me to do that and not least, share the joy and pride I have in my home city with my fellow Coventry people every single day.

What makes you proud to be a Coventrian?

As a Coventrian, I feel deeply connected to my home city but also the fact that Coventry is a proudly multicultural city with a history of welcoming people from all over the world. I feel like that’s something that’s become more and more important with recent events. But it can best be summed up by the fact that Coventry is my home, and I know her streets like the back of my hand. I speak with an accent “exceedingly rare”, my teams play up in sky blue (and red and green) and I couldn’t imagine being from anywhere else.