Breakfast Show with Macca

As you rise and shine out of bed, make sure that you listen to Macca on the Radio Plus Breakfast Show to give you the energy and motivation that you need to tackle the day ahead by playing great hits that you need to summon the energy to power on…

Mornings with Ben Fortnam

Join me every weekday from 10am-1pm. I’ll have lots of great music, including your choices with Coventry’s Greatest Hits, my Record of the Week, plus some amazing music and retro hits with The Rewind Chart. If you have ever missed any of Ben’s shows, you can always catch up by…

Afternoons with Paul Wheeler

Join Paul Wheeler every weekday from 2pm till 6pm on Radio Plus as you start to chillax with great music, including the tea-time triple. Also, Paul takes you through a musical journey through different music genres and eras, thanks to the Musical Mystery Tour. As always, you can catch up…

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