Question 1: What is your story?


I’ve been presenting on Radio Plus since 2013 and have done lots of different slots on the station. I present the New Music show on Thursday evenings. I love doing the show – it gives me a chance to play all kinds of music, showcase the best new talent and talk to some really great artists.

I’m a huge Eurovision fan and take my unofficial role as Radio Plus’ Eurovision expert very seriously.



Question 2: What genre of music do they love to listen to?


Is ‘new music’ a genre?

I like most kinds of music so I choose by mood. I love dance music to exercise or get me going. Rock, indie and pop to sing along to when I’m driving, chilled music to relax to and orchestra music when I’m working. I’ll give pretty much anything a go – which is why I love to present the New Music show


Question 3:  What do you enjoy most about working in Radio?


The creativity and opportunities it gives you to tell people’s stories. The way I know that by working in radio I’m providing that company I’ve relied on from radio so many times myself. The fact that you’re a part of the community and part of something bigger than just yourself.


Question 4: What makes you proud to be a Coventrian?


We’re not just City of Culture for nothing! We’ve always been a city of culture and I’m glad it’s finally been officially recognised. Coventry and its people have heart, grit and determination.