What is your Story?

My first involvement with radio was in my final year of university with PURE FM, Portsmouth’s student radio station. My housemate and I hosted a weekly show: 2-hours of indulging ourselves in the music we enjoyed and playing made up games. While this began for enjoyment I began to fall in love with radio. When I was in that studio nothing else mattered but the show. I decided to get back involved with a station and felt that community radio presented the best opportunity to learn more about radio. I contacted Radio Plus, who offered me the Morning show: 3-hours a day, Monday to Friday. Though a daunting prospect for someone who had only ever done a weekly 2-hour show, I have never regretted accepting. During my time at Radio Plus I have continued to develop my skills in front of and away from the mic, while getting to work alongside some incredible people.

What Genre of Music do you love to listen to?

  • Indie
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Alternative
  • Folk
  • Country
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • R&B/Soul
  • Hip-Hop
  • Grime

What do you enjoy most about working in Radio?

One of my favourite things about working in radio is getting to sharing my love of music and shining a light on artist who don’t get the recognition they deserve, as well being a little self-indulgent and playing my favourite tunes. I also love the opportunity to be creative and experiment with a range of features, while working alongside those who share a passion for radio and music.


What makes you proud to be a Coventrian?

There are so many things that make me proud to be a Coventrian. Coventry is a welcoming, friendly city that’s home to people from a plethora of backgrounds and all walks of life. It is in part thanks to Coventry’s cultural diversity that it has continued to go from strength to strength, growing and developing for the better. People from Coventry and those who know the city are rewarded with a hive of activity that those just passing through cannot fully appreciate.