What is it like to be a Volunteer at Radio Plus?

Ever since Radio Plus was established in 2010, we have always been entirely grateful for the hard work and dedication of all our volunteers.

I personally know how hard the Radio Plus volunteers work as I myself am a Radio Plus volunteer. Hello, my name is Matthew and I currently volunteer at Radio Plus, helping out on the Saturday Sports Show. When I first enquired about volunteering with Radio Plus, I was very passionate about gaining more experience. Initially, I was passionate about presenting and I had a lot of ideas as to what type of music I wanted to play during my show and luckily, I was given the opportunity to help out on the Saturday Sports Show.

When I first started volunteering at Radio Plus, I didn’t speak much, in fact, hardly at all, due to the fact that I wasn’t confident enough when speaking on the radio and my main job was to alert Paul of any news in the sporting events taking place, for example, any goals, sending offs, tries etc. However, when we were off air, myself and Paul would have detailed conversations about sport. So, we decided to let us and Paul have more conversations and debates with each other on air and as well as this, I started giving the audience stats for the upcoming Premier League matches and a game featuring the Sky Blues of Coventry City.

Overall, I think the best thing about volunteering at Radio Plus is the fact that everyone else who volunteers here shares the same passion and dedication. As well as this, even though the volunteers all come from different backgrounds and even though we have different interests, there is an extremely strong sense of family. If I was to say something to someone who was thinking about volunteering at Radio Plus, I would definitely say “Do It” because even though there are some volunteers who are more skilled at presenting than perhaps I am, we all share the same passion, dedication and love for this industry.