RadioPlus Spotlight: Candid

Name of Artist: Candid

We at Radio Plus Coventry 101.5 FM, one of our main ambitions is to not just to inspire and to give a voice to a new generation, we also aim to highlight local solo artists and bands from Coventry and Warwickshire. As a local community radio station, we always enjoy promoting local talent and one new way that we are doing this is the Radio Plus Weekly Spotlight. Every month, we proudly highlight a local music artist and we interview them, asking them more about their music. As well as this, during that month, we will promote their music and play their music during the shows.

The fall of 2021 saw Candid

Question 1: What were your musical influences growing up?

Question 2: When and how did you starting making music?

Question 3: What is the best thing about being a musician?

Question 4: Why did you decide to start making music?

Question 5: What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

If you’re a local artist or band and are interested in becoming our Weekly Spotlight, please contact us by emailing with your contact details.

Candid’s Live Session

 RadioPlus Studios (2020)

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