The Salvation Army Community Café

The Salvation Army is a worldwide organisation whose mission it is to help people to live their lives to their fullest and they put this into action by offering help people and standing up for those people who are vulnerable, fighting against injustice and encouraging people. One of the many community projects that the Salvation Army offers is something known as a Community Café. A Community Café is a space where people from the local community can relax and recharge. Their cafes are the perfect place to meet up with friends, or make some new ones, and serve an important role in bringing together the community and combating isolation.

As well as this, the community café form part of their emergency community relief work as they give out free hot food to vulnerable members of the public and some community cafés offer people the chance to gain confidence and employment experience on their journey to a better life.

The Salvation Army Community Café Coventry:

The Salvation Army, Upper Well Street, St Micheals, Coventry, CV1 4AG