Bishops Easter Message 2019

The Bishop of Coventry, the Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, has recorded this year’s Easter message. 

It was first broadcast during our Sunday Breakfast programme with David Stone. A full transcript can be found below.

Do you know about the ancient Christian practice of beginning Easter services by lighting a fire? We were doing it this morning in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, when it was still dark. Its to recall that moment when the creation first came into being, an explosion of energy that set all things in motion. The energy of God. The same energy that rose Jesus from the dead in a new act of creation.

Fire in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral? That was destroyed by fire that rained down from the sky during the darkest days of the war? Fire this week of all weeks when we watched Notre Dame burn before our eyes? One of the great treasures of human civilisation.

Fire is terrifyingly powerful. Yes it can bring warmth and even light, mysteriously life itself even. But we know it can also devastate and we saw that so powerfully this week consuming everything in its path. Constantly threatening human life even in the 21st century.

We know the damage it did to our own Cathedral and we’ve seen again this week the damage it did to another great Cathedral of the world. But today, Easter day, we think about a stronger fire. The fire of Gods love. That raises Jesus from the dead and defeats every enemy, even that oldest enemy of human life, death itself.

That fire ignited the vision to rebuild our Cathedral as a sign of hope for the whole world. For a better future of peace. And that fire of Gods love which is even now empowering the people of Paris to overcome their adversity and rebuild Notre Dame so that it can continue to be even more so an enduring symbol of the Easter faith in resurrection.

That fire. The fire of Gods love can overcome all the fires of destruction that rage throughout the world. That fire of Gods love can burn in our hearts with the warmth of comfort to heal us when we’ve been hurt, and to put aside the hate which can so easily build up within us. That fire. The fire of Gods love can burn in our families and communities and bring the light of a common humanity even when we are in disagreement with each other about anything. The fire of Gods love can burn in our world with that energy that only God can bring to bring our conflicts and turn them into peace.

I pray that this Easter, especially this Easter day, but in the weeks and months ahead you my know the power of Gods love within you. The power that rose Jesus from the dead and overcame death for us all. Let that burn within you this Easter so that you can have hope, and joy, and life everlasting.

Happy Easter.

Bishop’s Christmas Message 2018

The Bishop of Coventry, the Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, has recorded this year’s Christmas message and with it also launches our new Think Spot project.

Bishop Christopher’s Christmas message explores culture in Coventry. Talking about the cultural events that have taken place this year to celebrate the centenary of the Diocese of Coventry, including concerts, exhibitions and poetry from the Poet Laureate. However, he also notes that culture is more than music, sport and art.

The Bishop also speaks about the darker side of culture, particularly violent crime, youth poverty, hunger and homelessness. He ends his message by calling on the young people of Coventry to shape the culture of the city for the next generation.

This message was first played during Sunday Breakfast at around ten to 9 if you would like to check it out.

With a look to the New Year, our Think Spot project will be broadcast on Sundays, encouraging us to all set aside time to think. It will involve different contributors offering reflections on questions, seasonal events, and news from a faith perspective aimed at 18-35 year olds in Coventry.

We are looking for more people to record audio messages for the project in the New Year. If you are interested, please contact

Commonwealth Games Heading to Coventry

It was confirmed last month that the Commonwealth Games would be held in Birmingham in 2022, and that Birmingham would be spreading the sporting events across three other Midlands areas including Coventry. It was announced that the Ricoh Arena, home of the Wasps, would be hosting the netball preliminary and final rounds, as well as Leamington Spa hosting the bowls events at the Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games coming to Coventry is a massive step to Coventry’s popularity not just in the UK but in the world, after having already won awards like the UK City of Culture in 2021 and European City of Sport 2019. With all three of these achievements commencing in the next few years, Coventry is looking to establish themselves on a more international stage, with the Commonwealth Games and the European City of Sport 2019 both certain to bring sports fans from all over the world to Coventry. There hasn’t been this much anticipation for sport in Coventry, since the Ricoh Arena hosted a few venues for The London Olympics in 2012.

With this announcement in place, it was declared that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, will be providing £8.5 million to raise funds for Coventry’s after the success of the City of Culture bid in 2021. This funding is going towards supporting refurbishments to the Belgrade Theatre auditorium and the Cathedral Quarter in time for the Commonwealth games. Coventry council believes that this funding will benefit the whole of the West Midlands. The Councillor of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council also, stated that “Coventry 2021 and Birmingham 2022 are set to benefit the whole of the West Midlands by raising the profile of the region, boosting the economy and enhancing local pride.”

Coventry’s inclusion in the Commonwealth games in 2022 has also played a significant part in the city’s nomination for ‘Council of the Year’ by highlighting its successes in gaining key titles such as UK City of Culture 2021 and European City of Sport 2019, as well as being a host city for the Commonwealth Games in 2022. The titles are set to provide a massive economic and cultural boost to the city.

Locals in Coventry have been itching to hear new developments about the Ricoh Arena for the Commonwealth Games and to find out more, I spoke to a couple Coventry residents to discuss their expectations of the games and how it could impact the city. Be sure to check this out above.

For more information on different venues for the Commonwealth Games or further developments leading up to the games, check out the link,

Written and Produced by Kadeem Whynn.