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About Us

Radio Plus is a truly unique and distinctive station specifically targeting the city of Coventry. Playing a wide and diverse range of music 24/7, we are using the media to positively influence, inspire and give identity to 16-35 year olds across the city.

We launched full time on 101.5fm in December 2010, and since then our primary focus has been to create a vibrant and creative station for volunteers to learn new skills and techniques that can help with their future.

As the only community radio station that covers the whole of Coventry, Radio Plus can support your business through a range of cost-effective advertising.

We have advertising and sponsorship packages to suit every budget. So whether you’re wanting to advertise an event, increase footfall for your business or grow brand awareness, we have a range of opportunities to suit everyone. Just check out what we can offer you!

With all our shows, adverts will play at the start and end of the hours giving you 2 mentions an hour.

Breakfast and Drivetime

Our breakfast and drivetime weekday shows are a 2 hour mix of current affairs, local news and events, and music. With different presenters and slightly different times each day they all have a unique theme and focus.

Music Focused

Our music shows each feature a different musical genre and are on every weekday evening from 7-11pm. Our music shows range from K-pop to Gospel so there’s something for everyone!


Our weekend shows offer a more relaxed feel, with a mix of entertainment and showbiz, specialist music, and opportunities to hear about life in Coventry and surrounding areas.


Our Sunday Sports Show runs 6-8pm every week and discuss a wide variety of local and national sports. Weekly roundups of the nations sports and special guests from local teams are featured.

Traffic and Travel

Navigating the travel hotspots of Coventry is an important part of our listeners journeys, and we are here to help. We have access to live roadworks, traffic congestion and public transport information which we present to our listeners every hour during a live show. You can benefit with your jingle being played at the start and end of these bulletins.


Because the British weather is always unpredictable we broadcast a weather bulletin every hour during our live shows. You can benefit with your jingle being played at the start and end of these bulletins.

If you don’t have a ready-made advert, we can help! Whether it’s a full marketing campaign or a single advert, we would be happy to work with you to help you make the most of your Radio Plus investment.

We provide an advert creation service that revolves around what you want to tell our listeners. You are responsible for approving the wording, music, voice-overs, and overall feel for your advert. We work with what you want to help provide a service you will be happy with.

We can incorporate this service into your advertisement choice, we can help to produce something that will have the right feel for the show you sponsor.

Want to support us further?

Make a donation of your choice – one off or a small monthly donation. All funds help with the day to day running costs of community radio and allows us to continue changing lives in and around Coventry.