In January 2008, the organisation that now holds the licence for Radio Plus (Coventry & Warwickshire Media Community) submitted an application to the media regulator, Ofcom, for a Community Radio Licence to run a new community radio station for Coventry. We were awarded the licence in July 2008 and had until Christmas 2010 to begin broadcasting. We went live on 20 Dec 2010..


CWMC is the trading arm of the charity which runs Radio Plus, called Coventry Spirit (Radio), registered charity, (no. 1134596 and company number, 07032023).

The target audience for Radio Plus is 16-35 year olds across Coventry and it was youth groups from the city that came up with the name Radio Plus, which they feel will engage them and accurately represent them and their music tastes.

Our mission is to use the media to positively influence the people of Coventry to love and follow Jesus.

We're interested in you, we want to know what makes you tick and we want to see Coventry prosper. With relevant music, conversation and entertainment, we want to support those trying to make Coventry a great place to live, work and play. We want to see our communities changed for the better.

Radio Plus is on air 24/7, with the best in new up and coming local musical talent. We talk about things that really matter to you. We’re also offering volunteering opportunities if you’re interested in media and this will come with some training.
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our staff

Tim Coleman

Station Manager

Tim ColemanYou’ve got to be slightly unhinged to set up and run a new radio station, so it’s just as well that our Station Manager, Tim Coleman is the right man for the job. With over 20 years of experience in radio production, presentation and project management, he cut his teeth with The Archers on BBC Radio 4, before a range of Radio 4 shows including Just a Minute, Sorry I Haven’t a Clue and Farming Today and with experience on Radio 5 Live, The World Service and BBC Local Radio. Tim is passionate about using radio as a catalyst for positively changed lives, with development project experience in Zambia, Nigeria and Kosovo. Qualified to teach in Broadcast Journalism, Tim is the founder and Managing Director of CWMC, the not-for-profit social enterprise, which holds the licence for Radio Plus.



Paul France

Programme Manager

Paul FranceHaving lived in Coventry for many years, I have seen many changes in the City, from the buidling of Pool Meadow Bus Station, through to the recent modernisation of Broadgate. One of the things that I have observed is the sense of community spirit, passion and pride of Coventrians who want to see the City of Coventry flourish. That is one of the driving factors for my involvement with Radio Plus, to positively impact the lives of people who are part of the Coventry community.

I'm originally from Leeds and came to Coventry in 1993 to study Applied Chemistry at Coventry University, and have several years of radio experience. I studied Radio Production at City College in Coventry and was involved with setting up and running a short term Coventry radio station called Radio Hope, which broadcast for two weeks in November 2007 to promote a UK wide church initiative called Hope 08. That coupled with my passion for radio has been a spring board into my role as Programme Manager, working with the Station Manager to build a programme schedule and create a professional on air sound that many people have come to hear and love.


CWMC Directors